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Rework Existing Equipment

Rework Existing Equipment

The upgrade and rework services we offer include piping, control upgrades and dust collectors. At PB Machinery, we pride ourselves on offering a well-rounded vacuum conveying and filtration services helping business and industry thrive through inspired achievement, productivity and maximising potential.

Pneumatic Conveying System offers a reliable and cost-effective way to transfer powdered and granular materials with very little loss. It makes the ideal option for different industries and in case you would like to upgrade your equipment, feel free to reach out to us. We offer a comprehensive range of services and have the experience of dealing with a wide range of equipment. Whether you need help with ancillary equipment or a rotomolding machine, you can reach out to us for assistance. We also have xtrusion machines for sale to cater to your handling requirements.

Our priority is to develop solutions that increase the efficiency of your process. You can benefit from our expertise and experience and no matter what your handling system requirements are, we are here to offer tailored solutions to meet your exact specifications.

Our approach is customer-centric and we work closely with our clients while reworking on an existing equipment. With an in-depth understanding about every aspect of the installation and maintenance, we have the perfect solution.

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